2017 Annual Appeal

Dear Oates Institute Friend,

We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season this year! We want to offer you our deepest gratitude for your participation and donations, past, present, and future.

Light is one of the hallmarks of the holiday season. The Oates Institute strives to be a beacon of light in the field of spiritual care, setting the standard for spiritual care education across the globe. Our members represent many cultures and faith traditions, in 11 countries around the world.

We need your support to keep the light of spiritual care emanating from the Oates Institute to chaplains, pastors, and individuals interested in spiritual care issues around the world. We hope you will choose to make a contribution or join the Oates Institute as a member. The Institute offers programs in several areas:

For chaplains: Our on-line training seminars provide CEUs for chaplains, focusing on education and discussion around best practices and current topics in spiritual care. Our goal is to help chaplains serve diverse patients across a wide variety of settings, from a fresh perspective.

For pastors: Our collaborative distance learning approach provides access to seminars relevant to pastoral and spiritual care, without requiring travel away from church responsibilities.

For congregations: Our Congregational Care Network seminars provide on-line training to help congregational members assist pastors in addressing the increasing need for spiritual care.

For general interest in spirituality and related subjects: Our on-line seminars are open to everyone. Topics include meditation, palliative care, mindfulness, grief, self care, and cross-cultural communication.

The Institute’s seminars are unique, facilitating in-depth reflection and provocative yet respectful discussion in an on-line environment that benefits from the diversity of our participants and the global perspectives represented. Highlights of this year’s offerings included “Spiritual Care and Addiction,” “Spirituality and Aging,” and “Spiritual Care Research.”

Seminar discussion groups are no longer the Institute’s only mode of providing Continuing Education. Adobe Connect enables us to offer online face-to-face features in our learning options. You can now join a seminar to discuss a popular book like Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward or Brian McLaren’s The Great Spiritual Migration and participate in live Q&A sessions with the authors. Our latest Adobe Connect seminar features Yvette Johnson, a speaker, producer, and author of The Song and the Silence.

Each year, the Oates Institute offers an Online Symposium, consisting of papers and live presentations from experts in their field. The 2018 Online Symposium, “The Opioid Crisis and Integrative Medicine: Implications for Spiritual Care” is currently in the planning phase. Previous Symposium topics have included “The Future of Spiritual Care,” “Palliative Care,” “Spirituality and Aging,” and “Mindfulness and Spirituality.”

Your donations support all of the above efforts. Donations also allowed the Oates Institute to offer two Congregational Care Network modules this summer, in conjunction with University Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. In addition, contributions helped to provide a free seminar for first time participants, offer limited student scholarships, and to upgrade our on-line presence (an ongoing work in progress!).

Finally, Wayne Oates’ legacy lives on at the Oates Institute, inspiring careful scholarship in the integration of spirituality with many other disciplines. New resources add cutting-edge insights and expand discussions into many types of contemporary settings.

We hope you will donate generously—to keep these vital programs alive!
Wishing you a Holiday Season filled with wonder and joy,

Rick Underwood, Executive Director
The Oates Institute Board of Directors

Thank you for helping the Oates Institute set the standard for spiritual care around the world!
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