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The Need for Ongoing Interracial Dialogue

Oates Institute invites all to join the conversation on issues related to racial justice through its unique spring symposium. For twenty-five years, the Institute has been setting the standard for spiritual caregiver skills, understanding and strategies for compassionate caring of all people. We invite you join the conversation as we lead up to the series…

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Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others (Book Study)

Holy Envy Book Study

Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others, a book written by New York Times Best Selling Author, Barbara Brown Taylor will be discussed during our three-week collaborative learning seminar. The course is a three-week online seminar course that begins on May 14. Taylor tackles the questions, worries, and concerns that arise when we…

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Grief and the Healing Arts

Grieving man

This course begins in Mid-March 2019. Facilitated by Gail Henson, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Communication at Bellarmine University, Current civic volunteer with refugees and immigrants and Hosparus. “With sighs and groans too deep for words”:  sometimes the Spirit of God moves in us wordlessly, particularly as we or those whom we serve wrestle with grief. …

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Healthy & Unhealthy Religion

Hands folded in contemplation or prayer

This course begins in Mid-March 2019. This collaborative learning seminar facilitated by Lee Whitlock draws from Wayne E. Oates book, When Religion Gets Sick and other articles addressing this important topic for all spiritual caregivers.  The study will include the use of case history method and others to show what happens when people get “religiously…

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Strategic Chaplaincy

Getting a seat at the leadership table

This seminar will focus on getting a seat among the leadership team for any pastoral care or spiritual organization. It will be led by a former pastoral counseling center CEO with experience as a pastoral consultant in a large hospital system and an adjunct professor in Organizational Leadership graduate program. In addition, there will be…

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When Religion Gets Sick (Book Study)

Religions can sway from their intent

When Religion Gets Sick, written by Dr. Wayne Oates, is widely regarded as one of the classics. “Sick religion” is defined by Dr. Oates as one that “hinders the basic functions of life.” In this book he uses a case history method for exploring religious pathology and addressing such questions as: When does religion get…

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Spiritual Care Implications of Integrative Mind/Body/Spirit Medicine

Caring for the mind, body and spirit

Peter Beucker, M.D., a former Orthopedic Surgeon shares his journey from very busy and in demand Surgeon who specialized in the removal and treatment of tumors and cancer in the extremities to pursuing a career in Integrative Mind/Body/Spirit Medicine. After studying for a PhD in Integrative Medicine, Dr. Beucker opened Mindpointe where he practices Integrative…

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Spiritual Care Research 101

Research in spiritual care

In the last few years, a number of experts have argued for greater spiritual caregiver involvement in empirical research as a way to help spiritual caregivers improve the help they provide. Further, understanding and participation in empirical research in spiritual caregiving can help them make the case with administrators and other medical professionals about the…

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Holding the Boundaries: Ethics in Practice

Pondering Ethics during Yoga

One of the most important and problematic areas of concern in the spiritual caregivers exists within the boundaries between professionals and clients/patients. It is essential that spiritual caregivers refresh their understanding of boundaries and how to regulate them in relationships that often are intimate in nature. Clarity around these issues protect both the caregiver and…

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Creating a Caring Presence

Two women holding hands

REGISTER BY: January 8, 2019 BEGINS:  January 15, 2019   Spiritual Caregivers are constantly called on to provide a caring presence with persons in all kinds of life events. In facing the stress of everyday ministry, it is helpful from time to time to review our reasons for serving others, and revisit what it means…

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