Feelings in Spiritual Care

Two women holding hands

This course will be starting Tuesday, September 10th. Overview: Spiritual caregivers are presented with all forms of spiritual distress. Each spiritual caregiver has developed techniques or ways of relating to persons suffering from various spiritual issues such as grief, loss, loneliness, guilt, shame, any much more. Ways of relating and providing care differ from one…

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Spiritual Care in Long Term Care: Best Practices

"Spirituality of the Child and Family Facing a Life Threatening Illness and Care of the Team who Serves the Child and Family"

Starts August 2019 Spiritual concerns are important to most people, particularly in older years and at the end of life.  Long term care spiritual caregivers are challenged to deliver quality care to large populations of aging people without many resources.  The research in this area is scant and spiritual caregivers are left to discover best…

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Spiritual Care of LGBTQ Persons

Course begins July 9th While better understanding and some acceptance of LGBTQ persons has occurred in society, there is still much to be learned in order to extend respectful spiritual care. Spiritual caregivers have a responsibility to educate and advocate for persons of all walks of life and provide leadership in healthcare teams and faith…

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Spiritual Care of Diverse Populations

Hands in a circle celebrating holistic care

Facilitator: Jose Albovias, M. Div., Th. M.  Overview:  Diversity is not just a new word in our vocabulary, it is a new way of life.  Spiritual caregivers are faced every day with persons from different cultural backgrounds, which includes different faith orientations and “Nones”. Unconscious cultural biases create challenges and opportunities in providing effective spiritual…

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Spiritual Care Research 101

A special introductory interview with Judith R. Ragsdale, M. Div., Ph.D, Sr. Director of Pastoral Care, Associate Professor, Division of General and Community Pediatrics, Cincinnati, OH, Facilitator, Rick Underwood, M. Div., D. Min., M.S. Certified chaplains are required to take CEUs in research.  Many outstanding clinical chaplains have not had training in reading and understanding…

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Issues in Spirituality and Palliative Care

Registration Deadline, June 4th, Start date, June 11th Issues in Spirituality and Palliative Care, Facilitator, Dina Carroll,  M. Div., Spiritual Care Manager, Hosparus, Louisville As the best practices continue to emerge in the field of Palliative Care, spiritual caregivers have much to offer.  This seminar will be an opportunity to examine and discuss some of…

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