Caring Presence Program

(Formerly known as the Congregational Care Network)

Educating people to help others through a mind, body, and spirit perspective


There are natural caregivers in every organization/congregation who feel called to reach out in compassionate, non-judgmental ways to persons who are under stress from many kinds of life situations. This online program is designed to enable laypersons to increase their understanding and skills in providing spiritual/pastoral care to others.

Participants are trained to respond in respective ways to a variety of kinds of need, under the supervision of a staff member in their organization. After completing the required Modules 1 and 2, any number of additional modules may be taken. There is an opportunity to receive a Caring Presence certificate, for those who complete a total of six modules.


Organizations/congregations invest the following fees in order for persons to participate.

Annual Membership Fee:

Small organizations / congregations (under 200 members):  $100

Large organizations / congregations (over 200 members):   $250

Annual Participant Fee:  $25

Module Fees:

$40 per person per module. Some modules also require a book (price TBA)


Each module is facilitated/taught by experienced spiritual caregivers/counselors


Each Module is one month in duration. Each week reading assignments will be made with an opportunity to post via email/learning platform thoughts, questions, concerns, and examples from the readings.  The facilitator invites participants via email/learning platform to interact about the posted materials. All conversations are confidential. Reading, reflection, posting, and responding to posts can be done at the participant’s convenience and requires approximately one to two hours a week.

For more information or to register contact Rick Underwood, [email protected], 502-592-9050.