Caring Presence Program - Module 1

Introduction to Caring Presence

Facilitators: Rick Underwood, D. Min., Karen Lovett, M. Div.

Overview: Natural care givers exist in every congregation and organization. A sense of calling and good intentions motivates them to reach out to others in need. Sometimes, those good intentions aren’t enough and even may cause some harm in the attempts to care for others. This introductory module is designed to enable participants to reexamine and articulate their motivations, foundations for caring, and basic skills for offering a caring, healing presence.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand and practice foundational skills for providing a caring presence
  • Reflect on theological / spiritual perspectives of providing care for others
  • Recognize the importance of offering a caring presence
  • Provide enhanced listening skills for listening in deeper ways, from different perspectives
  • Shift the focus of caring from doing to being
  • Hear the “language of tears”

Required texts:

A Primer in Pastoral Care

Listening & Caring Skills - John Savage

A Primer in Pastoral Care, Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner

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Listening and Caring Skills in Ministry, John Savage

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