Caring Presence Program - Module 2

Boundaries, Self-care and Referrals

Facilitators: Rick Underwood, D. Min., Karen Lovett, M. Div.

Overview: Anyone who provides a caring presence to others discovers that it can be exhausting and even lead to emotional and spiritual burnout. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to understand and set appropriate boundaries for caring, learn self-care strategies and know where and how to make appropriate referrals. This module will build on the learning and skill development in the first module and emphasize the process of being responsive to hurting persons without feeling responsible for them.

Learning objectives:

  • Become comfortable practicing skills learned in the Module 1
  • Explore effective ways of self-care in the process of caring
  • Learn the importance of setting clear personal, spiritual, emotional and physical boundaries in the caring process
  • Develop an understanding of when and how to make an effective, caring referral
  • Feel more confident in providing a caring presence

Required texts:

A Primer in Pastoral Care

Listening & Caring Skills - John Savage

A Primer in Pastoral Care, Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner

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Listening and Caring Skills in Ministry, John Savage

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