Caring Presence Program - Module 3

Spiritual Care Visits to Patients in Hospital, Rehab, or Acute Care Nursing Home

Wade Rowatt, Ph.D. Russell Hoffman, M.D. Rick Underwood, D.Min. 

Participants: Persons with no formal pastoral counseling training who are preparing to be spiritual caregivers

Overview: A spiritual caregiver who plans to visit patients and family in a healthcare facility needs to be prepared and supported in many ways. This four week course includes practical suggestions for the visit, ways to be equipped emotionally and physically and ways to be prepared mentally and spiritually. The spiritual caregiver should have good communication and support within the faith-based institution they represent (church, synagogue, mosque, etc.). Resources from the larger community of caregivers should be accessed as needed.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore ways to be prepared emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually for a visit.
  • Learn practical suggestions for a visit to a healthcare facility.
  • Understand ways to help with the fear and stress a patient or family may experience in a healthcare facility.
  • Be comfortable with some spiritual resources or rituals available to a spiritual caregiver.
  • Gain understanding of ways a spiritual caregiving team can support the team members, promote communication among team members and foster continuity of care for patients and families.

Required Texts

Chaplain Laura Broadwater’s Pamphlet Richmond,
The Pastor and the Patient, (book also found here and here)
Optional: Stone, Crisis Counseling. (book also found here)
Optional: Oates, People in Pain, Chapter 8
Optional: Tournier, A Doctor’s Casebook in the Light of the Bible (book also found here)
Notes for Deacon Hospital Visitation From SMBC


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