Caring Presence Program

Upcoming Seminars

Spiritual Care with Grief and Loss

Crisis Intervention and Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care Giver as Wounded Healer

Holding hands as a Caring Presence Program student would

Educating people to help others through a mind, body, and spirit perspective

On-line training that provides lay spiritual caregivers with

  • Increase skills for empathic listening, non-possessive warmth, and caring responses
  • Help hurting people process grief and loss
  • Spiritual understanding of caring
  • Practical tips on self-care, boundary setting, and referral
  • Convenient, affordable, compassionate learning

Past Participants Share Their Experience

“The past few weeks have been wonderful.  Life went on…and I enjoyed the readings. However, what were most valuable were the discussions.”

“This class has been inspiring for me. The points of listening, being present, and teamwork were especially important for me to learn. The scenarios shared in the books were helpful in discerning appropriate actions on my part in situations of pastoral care.”

“I am looking forward to using the information with our congregation as we move forward in our transformation process.”

“Thanks to our facilitator, the class was very good. I look forward to the next class.”

Sample of Caring Presence Seminars

  • Introduction to the Spiritual / Pastoral Care
  • Boundaries, Referrals, and Self Care
  • Ministry to an Aging Society
  • Making Hospital & Home Visits
  • Death and Dying Spiritual / Pastoral Care
  • Spiritual Care of the Addicted Person and Family
  • Crisis Intervention & Spiritual / Pastoral Care