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Spiritual Care with Grief and Loss

Crisis Intervention and Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care Giver as Wounded Healer

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How CCN Works

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For non-professionals, to help congregations expand ministries and to facilitate the development of pastoral care teams.

Having a heart for helping people is a wonderful thing. But really helping takes more than heart. It also takes knowledge and training. That’s why the Oates Institute is now providing online seminars designed especially for congregational caregivers, with the potential of earning a Congregational Care Leadership Certificate.

Each seminar is led by a faculty facilitator and structured around a small group of 8-12 participants. Without the limits of physical space or the need to be online at the same time, you’ll be able to interact with your virtual classmates from any time zone or location with internet access – fitting the learning experience into your personal schedule. The end result is ample time for personal reflection, plus feedback and insights from a supportive peer group.

Most seminars feature at least one presentation per week and are designed to run for a three-week period, unless otherwise noted.