Do You Know Someone with a Psychiatric Disorder?



Spiritual Care for Psychiatric Patient & October seminars.
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2013 M Purintun

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In this issue:  

  • Spiritual Care of the Psychiatric Patient
  • Update on Richard Rohr and Postponed seminar on Falling Upward
  • October Seminars Start October 13
  • Board Planning Retreat
  • Fall membership campaign

Do you know someone with a psychiatric disorder? 

National Institutes of Health (NIH) research estimates that 43.8 million adults aged 18 or older in the U.S. suffered from some kind of mental illness last year. This represents 18.5% of all U.S. adults. Regardless of one’s setting, all of us encounter folks suffering from one kind of mental disorder or another. Spiritual care for this group is essential. Join us in October for a new seminar facilitated by the Rev. Dr. Dale McAbee on the Spiritual Care of the Psychiatric Patient. Read More.

Update on Richard Rohr, O.F.M. Prayers are requested for Father Richard Rohr who was unexpectedly diagnosed with prostate cancer and is having prostate surgery on Oct. 12. As soon as he is able we will reschedule his live presentation and the seminar on his book, Falling Upward.

October Seminars will start October 13. They are now open for registration and include these seminars:

  • Breaking the Silence: Spirituality and Palliative Care. Palliative care is about caring for the patient without, necessarily, curing the patient. Frequently, alleviating some of the symptoms without removing the root causes of a particular issue. This seminar seeks to explore not only the nature of palliative care, but how spiritual caregivers can be a critical part of palliative care. Read More.
  • Caring for Troublesome People (built around the Wayne Oates book) Whether in the family or in the church, a free flow of information is needed for healthy relationships. Troublesome people can become confused when they perceive manipulation, cleverness, or insincerity in someone who is dealing with and coping with them. In The Care of Troublesome People Dr. Oates combines family systems theory, insightful analysis of five types of behavior that often create conflict, and biblically based approaches for dealing with such behavior in this practical guide for pastoral care givers. Read more.
  • Care of Self: A Caregivers Guide to Mental Health. In the process of giving care to others, caregivers often overlook tending to their own self-care. Through peer dialogue around three presentations on care giver’s mental health, this seminar provides an opportunity to reflect on self-care and to explore approaches for staying mentally healthy as a care giver. Read more.

Members may register for free with a brief email to [email protected]. Just let us know which seminar you are interested in. Non-members are also welcome, and for a small fee of $95, register using the membership button at We DO need to know what seminar you are registering for, so be sure to add that information in your registration text (or send us a confirmation at [email protected]).

Board Planning Retreat

It’s time for our annual board planning retreat and we need and want your feedback. What would be the ideal state of the Oates Institute in regards to programming, membership, marketing, and sustainability? What is the current state as you experience it? Send any responses or ideas to Executive Director Rick Underwood: [email protected].

We are excited to be adding several new members to the board with the hopes of opening up new possibilities and affirming things that have been working.

Fall membership campaign. Membership is how we stay involved and keep informed. Continuing Education, like that provided at the Oates Institute, is a lifelong pursuit. Here at the Oates Institute we are thrilled to offer seminars, presentations, and all sort of study aids for spiritual caregivers of all kinds, doctors, nurses, pastors, chaplains, and many others all are part of this international community. Join us NOW.

PARTICIPATE! Become a part of the Oates Institute. If you would like to contribute to the work of the Oates Institute in a financial way, please DONATE HERE. If you are interested in writing or helping with our expanding web site, contact [email protected]. If you are interested in becoming part of planning or board work, please contact our Executive Director, Rick Underwood, at [email protected]

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