Oates Life Long Newsletter – May 14, 2018

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Opioid Addiction Crisis: What is it? How did we get here? What can we do about it?

You have heard all of the statistics about this awful crisis.  And yet, the death rate continues to rise, families continue to be torn apart and our society suffers in so many ways.  Feel helpless?  That certainly is an experience that washes over us all.  But with some understanding of the complex issues and assistants from experts in the field, you can enhance your ability to respond. While this symposium raises up the spirituality related to the problem, this information can benefit any person who wants to know more and help address this devastating crisis.

Headlining this years live online symposium are Robert Couch, M.D., M.B.A works in the trenches as the head of an emergency medicine group treating opioid overdoes. Moreover, he has become an national expert on the historical, legal, ethical, societal, and spiritual issues related to opioid abuse and addiction.
William Moyers, VP of Public Affairs and Community Relations at the Hazelden Foundation has appeared on TV, radio and other media outlets sharing his battle with alcohol and cocaine addiction and his struggle to recover.  A former broadcast producer at CNN and journalist, William published his memoir: Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption and Beyond”. This book and documentaries by his mother and father, Bill Moyers paint a gut wrenching struggle he and his family went through and are must to watch and read before hearing him live.

There are 13 presentations planned that cover topics like “The Spirituality of Recovery”, “Substance Use, Addiction and the Faith Community”, “Impaired Physicians’ Recovery Program”, “Supporting the Family of the Addict”, “Mind-Body Approaches to Curbing Addiction”, “A Theology of Addiction”., “A Pharmacological Overview”, “Three Difference Paths to Recovery”, “Dealing with Chronic Pain as a Person in Recovery”, and more.  Experts from the fields of medicine, social work, addiction, marriage and family will demonstrate how a multi-disciplinary approach works.

The presentations will consist of live lectures and Q and A via Adobe Connect online technology.  During the weeks of May 23 –  31, scheduled at 3 and 7 pm, EST may participate live or watch the recording at a later time.  20 hours of CEUs are awarded for full participation.

Limited space is available and it is filling up fast. Don’t delay. Go to www.oates.orgfor more information of charges and to register.

There is more than one way to Earn CEU’s at the Oates Institute

Traditionally, the OI’s unique collaborative learning experiences consisted of three week, online discussions about a topic with resources or a book lead by a facilitator. While this continues to be a unique learning opportunity that enables a person to read, reflect, and discuss cutting edge information.  Integration, community building and professional and or personal growth are the results of this approach. Generally, 12 hours of CEUs can be obtained from full participation.

A few years ago, we added a once or twice a year online live symposium.  This provided an opportunity for the OI to invite thought leaders from various disciplines from around the world. Topics addressed in the past are Contemplation and Meditation, The Future of Spiritual Care, and Palliative Care.  After the symposiums, the presentations are lodged in the OI Resource library under symposium recordings.  Any of these can be watched and with a brief summary of learning, the participate can earn 2 hours of continue ed. Credit.
These recorders are also perfect for use in CPE and other like programs for didactic material.

Schedule for the Summer collaborative learning experiences

Seminars are three-week collaborative learning experiences focusing on reading, reflection, and interaction with peers and lead to 12 CEUs
June seminars

  • A Serious Call to a Contemplative Life-Style, Glenn Hinson, a book study, Facilitated by Lee Whitlock
  • Helping Children Grieve, Facilitated by Lisa Wood
  • Spiritual Care of LGBTQ persons, Facilitated by Bert Montgomery, author of Elvis, Willie, Jesus & Me, Psychic Pancakes & Communion Pancakes, Of Mice & Ministers, all three books and a new book, A Preacher and Rabbi Go to a Gay Parade contain musings about LGBTQ issues. He is also pastor of the University Baptist Church in Starionkville, MS, which is a welcoming and affirming congregation
  • Spirituality and the “Nones”, A current poll indicates that 34 % of Americans identify themselves as Agnostic, Atheist, or “nothing in particular” hence the need to understand how these groups of folks think about spirituality

Two-hour self-study modules are available in the Vicki Hollon Resource library under symposium topics.  These are recordings of live presentations and Q & A by multi-disciplinary thought experts on specific spiritual care topics.

July Seminars

  • Spiritual Care Research 101
  • Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice, a book study, Facilitated by Trish Matthews
  • Spirituality and Mental Illness
  • Spiritual Care of the Traumatic Brain Injured Person
  • Congregational Care / Caring Presence Network/ Lay Spiritual Caregiver Skills Training – Module 1

August Seminars

  • Thoughts from the Bedside: From Medicine to Chaplaincy and Beyond, a book study, Facilitated by the author, Bill Holmes, M.D., M.Div.
  • Spiritual Care Research 201
  • Up From the Ashes: A Journey into Addiction and Recovery, from father and son’s perspectives

Online Interracial Dialogue with Yvette Johnson and Myra Williams Ottewell

Interracial Dialogue Online

Featuring Two Outstanding Documentaries
Live Discussion with the Producers

“Booker’s Place: A Mississippi Story” co-produced by Yvette Johnson, author of The Song and the Silence: Family, Race, and What Was Revealed in a Small Town in the Mississippi Delta While Searching for Booker Wright. The documentary premiered at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival.

“Mississippi ReMixed: A Fresh Look at Race Relations in the Deep South” by Canadian Myra Williams Ottewell, native Mississippian, made in conjunction with PBS Broadcasting, exposes the struggles and successes Mississippi is having with interracial issues today.
Date to be announced.

The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education honors the Rev. Dr. Ted Hodge with the Distinguished Service Award

The OI board congrats Ted in receiving this outstanding award by his professional organization for over 40 years of service.  Ted and his wife, Jan Yusk, M.D. were both former OI board members and Ted received the Annual Award from the OI. Ted’s acceptance speech highlighted his commitment to life-long learning.

Congregational Care Network’s name change and new learning opportunities

Lay spiritual caregiver skills training is now available to a wider array of persons and organizations. Originally conceptualized as a lay training program for congregations, the need to broaden that work has become event.  Now non- professionals involved in listening to and caring for the homeless, in prisoned, addicted, nursing home residents, college campuses, as well as congregants may increase their skills by this specially designed online program.  We are broadening the name from Congregational Care to Caring Presence Network. The next Module 1 is scheduled to begin in July.  See link for more information.

The OI is out meeting members of spiritual care cognate groups

As the board, members, and staff of the OI work hard to continue Wayne Oates legacy of academic integration, multi-disciplined cooperation and interfaith respect and at the same time embrace the cutting edge research, rebranding for the future, our staff is and will be out meeting persons in groups who can benefit from the work at the OI.  Recently, Rick Underwood, Director traveled to Atlanta to be a part of the ACPE annual meeting. In June, he will be presenting a workshop at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship meeting in Dallas, and in July he will represent the OI at the APC and NACC meeting in California.  Please come by and say hello and make suggestions for ways the OI can meet your continuing education needs.

Bill Holmes, M.D., M.Div. new book released

Thoughts from the Bedside: From Medicine to Ministry and Beyondhas been released an is in the book stores or can be ordered from www.books.nurturingfaith.net or through Amazon.  Bill is friend of the OI and will be facilitating a discussion of his book later in the summer. It is a wonderful read that captures Bill’s journey through medicine and ministry with wonderful stories and philosophical and theological musings.
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