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  • August seminars are now open
  • September seminars 
  • The Meditating MD-article by Peter Buecker
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August Seminars are now open for registration

August seminars are now open for registration. We have a great line-up and hope you are able to take advantage of it: Registration for members is just a quick email to Non-members may attend a seminar of their choice this month using the APC special rate on the membership page.

Care for Bereaved Parents

Caring for parents that are bereaved, or that are facing the death of a child, is both a challenge and a privilege… The purpose of this seminar is to help spiritual caregivers to work with these parents, and to provide needed comfort, while learning to be aware of the depth of loss experienced. Read more.

Fiction, Spirituality, and Holistic Care at the End of Life

This seminar uses the novel The Sweet By and By,by Todd Johnson, producer of The Color Purple, to talk about spiritual care, living in a community, aging, end-of-life issues, and family systems. Read more.

Up From the Ashes: A Father and Son’s Journey through Addiction and Recovery

This seminar will be presented by our executive director, Rick Underwood, and his son, Jay Underwood. Together the leaders will share a heart wrenching story of Jay’s journey into addiction at an early age and the impact it had on his father and family. Read more.

New Seeds for Contemplation

This seminar builds on the classic text by Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation. The intent is to take the text and enter into it as seekers, exploring some of our own contemplative disciplines and sharing with one another the fruits of that experience. Read more.

Holding the Boundaries

The issues of dual relationships and the intimacy of professional-client/patient/parishioner relationships frequently blindside care giving professionals; whether they are counselors, … Read more.

September Seminars will be open within next week 

Pre-registration is available through an email to for members, or the purchase of a one-time seminar on the MEMBERSHIP page.

Care of Self: A Caretakers Guide to Mental Health

Resilience in Spiritual Caregivers

Spiritual caregivers interact on an almost daily basis with crisis, trauma, loss, death, and for some—violence. …  many of us have moved in solo positions or work in relative isolation … [where] it becomes even more important for us to attend to our resilience, and to build it…. Read More.

Grieving: Helping People Invite God into their Pain

Breaking the Silence: Spirituality and Palliative Care

Research 101 in Spiritual Care

The Meditating MD, an article by Peter Buecker, MD 

In this article, Dr. Buecker shares his personal introduction to meditation and his subsequent use for his own growth. Dr. Buecker is an Orthopedic Surgeon and a new Oates Institute board member. He is completing a PhD in Holistic Medicine and was a recent presenter in our spring symposium on Mindfulness and Spirituality. This is the first of a series of articles sharing the benefits and uses of meditation with well and ill persons.  please use the read more link to read the complete article.

About 7 years ago, I found that my life had hit the proverbial wall. I was in my mid-thirties, and it would appear, had every reason to be happy in life. But the fact was, I was feeling empty and miserable. I realized that my happiness had been constructed based upon the “American Dream,” and that house of cards came crashing down in a hard way. Some aspects of this I handled well, others definitely not. But, what I learned through that painful experience was that true happiness was something altogether different than what I had led myself to believe in the first 3 1/2 decades of my life, and I was determined to figure it out. Read More.

Membership Incentive

Since only a few fortunate folks were able to attend the convention in Orlando, we are extending the special convention annual membership rate of $165 until August 15.

As special incentive, those that renew or become new members will receive a free copy of the documentary film, CHAPLAINS, produced by Martin Doblmeier. Use the link below.

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Please consider becoming an Oates donor! We want to invite you to support our work as a contributor. As an incentive, if you make a tax-deductible donation of $50 or more, or begin a monthly contribution, we will send you a copy of the new film, CHAPLAINS, by Martin Doblmeier, that was recently previewed at the APC Convention.

You may also purchase a copy for $20, just send your request to

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