What is the International Council on Pastoral Care and Counseling?

What is ICPCC (International Council on Pastoral Care and Counseling)?

(c) 2015 Rick Underwood. ICPCC Ballroom.

(c) 2015 Rick Underwood. ICPCC Ballroom.

I didn’t know much about this group before this meeting. My good friend Ted Hodge had talked about going to the meetings in other countries in the past. Hence, I was very interested in experiencing the group first hand.

It turns out the group has been meeting every four years for some 32 years. George Fitzgerald and Rod Seeger were the Co-Conveners. This was only the second time they have met in the United States.

The majority of the folks were involved in ACPE (Association for Clinical Pastoral Education), however AAPC (American Association of Pastoral Counselor) and APC (Association of Professional Chaplains) people were also there. The biggest surprise was the diversity of faith groups and cultures that were represented. Folks representing Islam, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Christians of all types, and more provided presentations and interacted in affinity group discussions. Thirty-two countries were presented. I formed new friendships with persons from Canada, Germany, South Africa, Norway, Hong Kong, Australia just to mention a few.

Unlike other conferences, every plenary and workshop was outstanding. Worship services for the different faith groups were open to everyone.

The spirit of cooperation, compassion, and openness was overwhelmingly good. And most of all I was able to spend the word about what the OI is doing and recruit new members and facilitators and presenters for future programs.

Have you ever been to one of these meetings? What was your experience?


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