An Advent Reflection Group Using “Low: An Honest Advent Devotional” by John Pavlovitz


Begins, Dec. 1st and runs through the month of Dec. – Join us in process

“Let’s be honest about Advent: American culture forces many of us to put on a happy face, to pretend we’re merry when we’re frustrated and stressed and exhausted by the expectations of others. We’re also frustrated by what Advent has become – a celebration of consumerism – while it forgets the season’s origins in a dark, cold stable with an empty manger. In this honest Advent devotional best-selling progressive Christian author, John Pavlovitz reminds us that God came to meet us in the low places of our lives – and that Jesus continues to come low this Advent season: when we live humbly, when we seek forgiveness, in our grief and suffering, when we act on behalf of someone else, when we pray. Jesus reminds us the invitation is not to escape this world to an elevated Heaven somewhere else, but to bring Heaven down.” God with us is Jesus, getting low. Each devotional includes scripture and Advent reflection on Jesus meeting us on the ground, in the grit.”

From the book cover.

Join Christian spiritual caregivers as we embrace with integrity and honesty the meaning of this season.

Resource: Low: An Honest Advent Devotional can be purchased through Amazon and can be downloaded to a Kindle device.

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