Building Resilience to Trauma and Adverse Events

Course begins May 17th


Throughout the last six months, spiritual caregivers of all types have been overloaded with stress. The results of the pandemic for some has been a loss of a job.  For others, the challenge of supporting those experiencing the trauma of change and loss has been overwhelming.  In spiritual care circles, there is a lot of talk about self-care as it should be.  Too often, self-care is short-lived and there is a need for more.  This seminar will explore resilience and how to build it. Resilience is about hope, healing, and the capacity for recovering.  Further, there will be a focus on ways to repair the past and create a new future.

Learning Objectives

  1. Name factors of resilience.
  2. Share stories of resilience as the ability to grow from adverse events and to grow through them.
  3. Present examples of individual’s resiliency and how that capacity was supported by resilient communities, families, and friends.
  4. Apply the learnings to your work and life.


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