Healthy & Unhealthy Religion

This course begins in Mid-March 2019.

This collaborative learning seminar facilitated by Lee Whitlock draws from Wayne E. Oates book, When Religion Gets Sick and other articles addressing this important topic for all spiritual caregivers.  The study will include the use of case history method and others to show what happens when people get “religiously sick” and what the spiritual caregivers, congregations, and other organizations can do about it.

Hands folded in contemplation or prayerThe learning outcomes for this seminar include being able to define dimensions of “sick or unhealthy religion” and healthy religion in spiritual care work; Examine questions such as when does religion get sick, what kinds of experience result from sick religion, can these experiences be predicted and prevented, and what can spiritual caregivers do for people live with these experiences; Understand experiences such as sick religion and idolatry, superstition and magic, the major transitions in life, forgiveness and unforgivingness, plus a pathology of religious leadership and religious factors in mental illness; and to apply this learning to our work.

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