Multi-disciplinary Cooperation in Caring for the Whole Person

Hands in a circle celebrating holistic careHolistic medicine means consideration of the complete person, physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually, in the management and prevention of disease. Spiritual caregivers are expert in bringing their skills and knowledge to address the spiritual issues of a patient in this effort. While medical personnel bring their expertise to the effort, ways to cooperate in caring for the whole person isn’t always clear.  This collaborative learning experience will provide a forum for reading, reflection, and interaction with other professionals in order to development more ways to insure the multiple needs of the whole person are met. In this online course with active reflection via online course forum engagement, students will learn at least three approaches to working as a multi-disciplinary team, explore the contemporary meaning of whole person, hear other professionals’ thoughts about the importance of cooperating with spiritual caregivers and discover new ways of helping in the development of this kind of approach.

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