Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: Implications for Resiliency

June Seminar – begins June 14th

Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: Implications for Resilience

Summary: By reviewing a number of current articles, the participants will discover or rediscover some of the learnings from the pandemic by examining past pandemics and the Covid-19 pandemic from a variety of perspectives, i.e., psychology, spirituality, and different faith traditions. The emphasis will be on building resiliency in the future in individuals and organizations.

  1. List several lessons learned from the pandemics of the past and present.
  2. Discover and discuss implications for building resiliency to the current and future pandemics.
  3. Apply learnings to participants’ lives and workplaces.

Methodology: Participants will take part in a three-week email discussion group at their convenience.

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Weekly assignments: TBA

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