Spiritual Care of the Cardiology Patient and Family

June Seminar: Start Date – June 7th

Title: Spiritual Care of the Cardiology Patient and Family

Summary: Spirituality is an important determinant of health that can affect patient healing, outcomes, and quality of life. Research has confirmed that stress and physiological dysfunction influence cardiovascular function. This seminar will use research articles and other media to lay the foundation for learning how spirituality can enhance coping and recovery from cardiovascular issues, such as bypass surgery, heart attack, and heart failure.

Methodology: The participants will take part in a three-week collaborative learning experience using email discussion at one’s convenience.

A professional spiritual caregiver and a nurse practitioner will facilitate the seminar who has spent their careers working with persons with cardiovascular issues.

Learning Objectives
1. Review and learn from the latest research addressing the issue discussed above.
2. Discuss ways the use of the patient and family’s spirituality can enhance coping and recovery.
3. Apply learnings from the seminar to the participant’s work.

Resources: TBA

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