Walking the Path of Healing: MentschStix for Meaning in a Pandemic

Facilitator: Rabbi Gaylia R. Rooks, D. Min.

Target audience: Chaplains, counselors, caregivers, clergy, and the curious. This spiritually based interfaith program is geared toward believers, agnostics, atheists, and those who refuse to be pigeonholed.

Overview:  Walking the Path of Meaning

These days, almost everyone is looking for comfort, hope, healing, and meaning.

Reflecting on ancient sacred sources is a powerful way to connect and reconnect with the holy. Comfort and healing come from being able to feel love and hope and joy as gifts from our Creator, the universe, or our source of spiritual wisdom.  In a group setting, we will share our pain and sorrow as well as our blessings and spiritual growth, as we interact with various texts and walk the Path of Meaning together.

In Walking the Path of Meaning, each participant selects one piece from a pile of matchsticks (“MentschStix”).  The MentschStix are a collection of timeless quotes Rabbi Rooks has chosen over the past 18 years.  Most are powerful verses from the Bible that are both accessible and transcendent. They offer wisdom on topics that include mourning, healing, meditation, awe and appreciation.

In receiving a quote that encourages deep contemplation and consideration, participants open themselves to the possibilities of consolation and comfort, psychological and spiritual growth.  MentschStix provide an opportunity for exploring the path of meaning and walking toward wholeness and healing: an approach that can be transformational as well as therapeutic.

The study of a sacred text can enhance and supplement traditional approaches of meditation and reflection.  In Judaism, study is seen as a form of prayer.  For those who may be finding prayer particularly difficult during these times, MentschStix offers an experience that nurtures our connection to inner wholeness, holiness, and peace.

Dates and Times: February 3rd, 10th, and 17th from 4:00 – 5:30 PM

Learning Objectives

  1. Connect the wisdom contained in ancient texts to the present-day challenges we face.
  2. Explore an invitation to walk toward wholeness and healing.
  3. Experience moments of meaning that can help restore and refresh our hearts and souls.

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