Spiritual Care for Grieving Children

Course begins January 14th

The participants in the seminar will explore through articles and peer discussion various ways that children and adolescents experience and express grief with respect to their developmental stages.  Moreover, the focus will be on how spiritual caregivers can facilitate meaningful dialogue during the individual’s processing of the initial grief stages.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the depth of pain and assess grief patterns of children and adolescents and help identify resources for their support and counsel.
  2. Establish realistic expectations of oneself as a caregiver and of the one who is grieving.
  3. Acknowledge the role art may have in helping one to deal with pain and even recognize and give voice to feelings.
  4. Acknowledge the role of music may have in helping one identify the elements of one’s faith that may help sustain and comfort that person.
  5. Distinguish ways the caregiver’s own wounds, sensitivities, and painful issues may cause them to avoid or compromise that care for others.


Grief Rituals of Children

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