Spiritual Care Implications of Integrative Mind/Body/Spirit Medicine

Caring for the mind, body and spiritPeter Beucker, M.D., a former Orthopedic Surgeon shares his journey from very busy and in demand Surgeon who specialized in the removal and treatment of tumors and cancer in the extremities to pursuing a career in Integrative Mind/Body/Spirit Medicine. After studying for a PhD in Integrative Medicine, Dr. Beucker opened Mindpointe where he practices Integrative Medicine featuring a revolutionary approach to understanding and treating inflammation, pain, and stress-related health disorders. He provides both in person consultation and online teaching to help persons who are seeking alternatives to traditional medicine. The resources and discussion will cover a variety of self-care methods and holistic interventions.

The course talker will benefit from the personal journey of a physician moving from traditional medicine to integrative methods to help himself and others; learn about a revolutionary approach to caring for the mind/body/spirit; and gain insight into self-care and patient/client self-care methods.

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