Spiritual Care of LGBTQ Persons

Course begins July 9th

While better understanding and some acceptance of LGBTQ persons has occurred in society, there is still much to be learned in order to extend respectful spiritual care. Spiritual caregivers have a responsibility to educate and advocate for persons of all walks of life and provide leadership in healthcare teams and faith communities in specific needs of LGBTQ persons.

Learning objectives:

  1. Participants will learn how one congregation and community came together to raise awareness and support LGBTQ issues.
  2. Participants will be challenged to explore the heresy of homophobia within the church and civic life and to be encouraged to call for full inclusion and affirmation for LGBTQ persons.
  3. Participants will be stretched to discover creative ways in responding spiritual care needs of LGBTQ persons.

Resources: A Rabbi & a Preacher Go to a Pride Parade and Other Musings, Sermons, and Such, by Bert Montgomery and other articles

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