Spirituality in Palliative Care

Course begins May 12th

Overview: Dina Carroll, Spiritual Care Program Coordinator, Hosparus Health, Louisville and Southern Indiana brings years of experience as a spiritual caregiver, spiritual director, and Licensed Pastoral Counselor to bear as she facilitates this seminar. Besides arranging the resources, she will be facilitating the collaborative learning experience.


1. Identify at least 5 important aspects of spiritual care within palliative care
and at least at least 3 interventions to meet needs within these aspects of
2. Identify resources and interventions to enhance meaningful conversations
regarding care goals;
3. Identify and connect with resources to enhance rituals and other
interventions to address spiritual distress
4. Identify and explore the differences in palliative care and hospice care and
issues related to end of life care in the palliative care spectrum

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