Trauma Informed Care: A Primer

Course begins May 12th

In preparation for the two-week online symposium: Trauma-Informed Spiritual Care, this seminar will provide an overview of trauma-informed care and why it is important. Trauma-informed care is a philosophy of care that influences and informs one’s approach to every
interaction in healthcare. Especially, during the pandemic that is still raging in the world, TIC invites caregivers and clients to work together in a framework of wellness that produces improved outcomes. There are many potential positive outcomes from a TIC approach: improved employee satisfaction; better employee engagement; and a reduction in
burnout and turnover.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Learn the different components of a TIC approach.
2. Discover the trauma response theory and how it works.
3. Be able to identify the influence of Adverse Childhood
Experiences (ACES).
4. Learn how Trauma Affects the Community
5. Discuss some Trauma resiliency strategies.

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