When Religion Gets Sick (Book Study)

Religions can sway from their intent

Starting May 11th.

When Religion Gets Sick, written by Dr. Wayne Oates, is widely regarded as one of the classics. “Sick religion” is defined by Dr. Oates as one that “hinders the basic functions of life.” In this book he uses a case history method for exploring religious pathology and addressing such questions as:

  • When does religion get sick?
  • What kinds of experiences result from sick religion?
  • How can spiritual caregivers help people who have such experiences?

Through interdisciplinary, reflective peer group dialogue, participants in this seminar will review several chapters from this book and reflect on the meaning and consequences of “sick religion” in light of their own experience and context. Through this process, participants benefit by learning from each another as well as from the presentations and self-reflection.

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